“MEn” Time


The world is quiet and everyone is asleep. It is during these times, that I am able to get a lot of work done. Being a writer, my work hours are very non-conventional.  I  think I get some of my best writing done between 12-6 am. Even though I usually use that time to write, sometimes I use it to  think about things and work things out internally.

As I write this, I am looking out the window at signs and stores, I’ve seen so many times before, but this time I’ve viewing it from a different angle. It’s amazing how we get so used to seeing things that once we see it in a new light or from a different angle, it looks completely foreign for us.  Well, that’s how this view is right now and even though I’m focusing on this view and this women’s lifestyle blog, I am compelled to take a moment and talk about MEN!  Don’t worry this won’t be a depressed, angry black woman, male bashing post.  My blog will not be to bash anyone, but to hopefully help someone with my words. Anyway, as I sit here embracing my “ME TIME” I realize that all to often we forget that the men in our lives need “MEN TIME.”

As women, we get caught up in all that we do and all that we have to do that most times, we forget that our husbands go through a lot as well. We forget that they have struggles and internal battles that they fight with constantly,just as we do for ourselves. But because they are men, we expect them to push through, bounce back, get it together, and toughen up, so they don’t appear weak, etc. but looking at it from a different angle, we are wrong! Now anyone who knows me, knows that I hate to be wrong and most of all hate to admit that I am wrong, but I’m learning that if I am wrong, I have to learn to make things right. I’m working on that.

I don’t want to say, we take men for granted, but if we really just stopped to think about all that they have to deal with, then we would understand that they too need their own ME TIME! Think about it, they work long and hard hours (yes, I know some women work equally hard), they fix things: cars, house, appliances, etc), they do the things that most women hate to do (take out the garbage, pump gas, wash the car, kill bugs, etc), they put themselves in danger in order to protect us (if we hear a noise, they are the first to check it out, if we are walking on a dangerous road, they take the side closest to highway, if we are scared they try to comfort us), etc. What I am saying  is that it’s so easy to take our husband for granted and I can say that because I never really stopped to look at it from their perspective until now.

A few weeks again, a male Facebook Friend of mines, posted about how tired he was of seeing women with their husbands or boyfriends at gas pumps and the wife has to pay for and pump the gas. He went on to say that he just didn’t understand those type of men that would make a woman do such a task. I remember reading that post and saying to myself thank you God that my husband pumps my gas.  Even though I acknowledged that my husband is good in that area. I didn’t tell him. He was at work at the time, but I should have told him at that moment (even if i had to text him) THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO, I APPRECIATE IT AND I LOVE YOU.  Why, you may ask should I have done that because again, we take our spouses for granted. When we really just think about the little things that they do to prove to us that they love us, we should celebrate them more than we do.

My husband has the opportunity for a mini getaway this week and of course being true to his nature, he wants me and the kids right there with him. Maybe it is because he wants us to share it with him, or simply because it’s always been that way, and even though we are with him right now, the rest of the week, I’m going to give him the MEN TIME he rightfully deserves and time that he definitely needs. JUST AS WE AS WOMEN WANT OUR ME TIME, SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO PAUSE AND REALIZE THAT OUR HUSBANDS NEED TIME TO THEMSELVES AS WELL.

So, my husband is going to get some much-needed MEN TIME and in the end, I hope that he discover some things about himself as a man, father, and husband and I pray that he draws closer to God.

Ephesians 5:23  For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior.




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