Lessons I’ve Learned from my Daughter: Ancient Times

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As a mother, it is my job to prepare my children for the real world.  I have three children and for the most part, they are respectful, smart, and on the right path to being productive citizens in this world.  My oldest daughter is thirteen and she is experiencing “Puppy Love” for the first time and I must say that it is hard to accept the fact that she is growing up, but it also warms my heart to know that she is not in a rush to grow up or act grown. She has a friend that is a boy (yes, I still can’t bring myself to say boyfriend, lol) that she has grown closer to. They’ve been friends for two years and now they are crushing on each other. As I watch their friendship blossom,  I’m reminded of the ANCIENT TIMES of when her father and I first started dating.

My husband and I dated in the late 90’s when technology wasn’t as big as it is today, back when writing letters and poems, drawing pictures, making music CDs to explain how you feel about each other, dressing alike, taking walks, drawing pictures, etc were popular. Today, most relationships are established and recorded on social media for likes and comments, which actually hurts the relationship more than it helps.

Well, overtime after getting married and having kids, we too drifted away from doing the things we used to do for each other like write little love notes and all that.  The other day, I saw my daughter with all of these heart cut-outs in a small cube made out of paper. I instantly knew it was from her little friend because they are both very creative and they are always making little things to give to each other. I normally don’t invade her privacy (although, I do monitor her contact with this friend and all that), but the fact that we were at church and she was playing with these scraps of paper, I wanted to know what was on them. Of course, she didn’t fight me on it. She handed me the cube filled with the little notes and to say I was blown away is an understatement. Now, her friend is very intelligent. He’s smart, caring, and very respectful. On each heart-shaped note, was one or more statements of what he loved most about her  and why he loved those things about her.  A few of them even had  statements about how she made him feel and how his life has changed since meeting her.  Although, they were very sweet, touching, and innocent (there was no mention of anything inappropriate in the notes), I remember thinking, this little boy got some game, but as I pondered the situation more. I realized that I was overthinking it and probably a little bit jealous.  That used to be my husband and I before life happened. The fact that my husband and I met and fell in love at the age my daughter is now,  made me consider the fact that maybe, just maybe whatever is happening between her and her friend, whatever they feel for each other, it may actually be genuine.   Even though they both have cellphones and are constantly texting, skyping, snapchatting or IGing it up, they still make time to write letters, draw pictures, and give just because gifts.  Some Mothers don’t like to admit that their kids have taught them something but not me.

That day, I learned a very valuable lesson from my 13-year old daughter and I’m not afraid to say it. Because of my daughter, I was reminded to do the simple things and simple pleasures, my husband and I used to enjoy to strengthen our bond. I don’t know if my daughter and her friend will be together but what I do know is that, you never get too old to learn and sometimes looking back on Ancient times, is not a bad idea!  IJS.


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