Preparing for Life’s Snow

Image result for proverbs 31:21

One look at this scripture and prepared comes to mind.  To me,this scripture is saying that a wise woman is also prepared. She is prepared to weather the stormy days that may arise in her household because she has took the time to make arrangements beforehand.  A wise woman is proactive instead of reactive. Instead of waiting for snow to fall in her life, she prepares for it now. Like the grasshopper and the ant, they both knew winter was coming, but only one decided to prepare for it.

A wise woman, a godly woman embodies her household in the Lord before trials and tribulations arises. Not only that she has to take care of the household, cooking, cleaning, raising children, basically turning a house into a home! She has a lot to deal with that she could never fully complete without God on her side and being prepared for storms.  Thank God for the snow, because as inconvenience as it may be, it will either make or break you. It will draw you closer to him or push you further back.


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