To the world, I’m author Patti Doss, the contemporary women, Romance, Erotica, Urban Fiction, and Children’s book author.  My titles include the Somebody Else’s Husband Series, Finding Love at Christmas, Illicit Lovers, Diaries of the Heart, I Love to Write, and Never Too Busy.  All are available on Amazon, and some Barnes and Noble (online) and Books-a-Million (online).  I am also the owner of EXQUISITE READS PUBLICATIONS, a small publishing company as well as owner of EXQUISITE LITERARY MAGAZINE. I am also a poet, but to everyone else I’m just PATTIE, married(11 yrs: HS sweetheart) mother of three (G13, B11, & G10) opinionated, sarcastic, funny, smart, friendly and loving woman. My motto for writing: Live, Laugh, Love, and Write! My motto for women: Be Exquisite! My motto for life: Enjoy the Little Things.

ExquisitelySagacious is a lifestyle blog for women about love, life, family, sex, beauty, and health among other things. A woman’s job is never done. We play many roles in the day and wear many different hats, so our life cannot be narrowed down to one topic. As a writer, whose imagination is always working, to being a stay-at-home mom, my day is always filled with diversity.  In this blog you may see posts about

  • Food
  • Faith
  • Fashion
  • Home Decor
  • Relationships
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Career
  • Encouragement
  • DIY / Crafts
  • Budgeting

Lifestyle blogging is a general field where bloggers talk about any and everything. So, expect a vast amount of topics related to helping and empowering women. I hope that my blog makes a difference in the lives of women; that something i post or share helps them in some aspect of their lives. Being a woman is a hard job because we take on so much and give so much of ourselves away that we rarely have time for ourselves.  For some women, there is no outlet, so ExquisitelySagacious wants to be that outlet for women that talks about issues that women deal with daily and how to remain EXQUISITE through it all.